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冬天到,來件寶特瓶做的排汗衣 Patagonia Capilene
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Capilene® 是Patagonia 為高活動量與潮溼環境所開發的排汗材質。

Patagonia 為不同的環境溫度與運動量設計四種Capilene®纖維,這種吸汗材質不但快乾,而且在潮溼的狀態下還能提供保暖度。


店內三件Capilene®,從左到右分別為Capilene 2、 Capilene 3、Capilene 4。


  • 快速吸汗、快乾
  • 為快速行進與高活動量所設計
  • 使用Gladiodor®抑味技術
  • 使用回收的聚酯纖維(使用百分之五十以上)
  • 100% 可回收
  • 可機洗


  • Capilene 1: 最輕薄的等級,可作為最底層也可單穿。
  • Capilene 2: 最適合在微涼天氣中進行的有氧運動。
  • Capilene 3: 適合涼爽到寒冷的天氣,因應不同活動可百搭的排汗衣。
  • Capilene 4: 最溫暖的Capilene等級,特徵為格狀內裡,增加壓縮性與保暖力。


細看三件Capilene®領口部份,從左到右分別為Capilene 2、 Capilene 3、Capilene 4


“Humid day ahead? This short-sleeve feels soft as silk, wicks well, and dries quickly. Plus, it didn't pill under pack-strap friction that would have caused lesser shirts to wear thin. “

"柔軟如絲、吸汗快乾、不起毛球 "

“Capilene has been a staple for backpackers since it was introduced in 1985. It's one of the best base layers money can buy–soft, quick to wick and dry, and incredibly durable. And it'll stay that way “


細看三件Capilene®內裡,從左到右分別為Capilene 4、 Capilene 3、Capilene 2

Capilene baselayers are the best option for high-sweat activities and wet conditions.

We make four Capilene fabrics for different levels of exertion and temperatures; it is a moisture-wicking polyester fabric that keeps you warm even when wet and dries quickly. Capilene polyester is also recycled, recyclable and features Gladiodor® natural odor control.

Capilene performance characteristics:

  • Quick to wick, quick to dry
  • Designed for fast-forward, aerobic activities
  • Features Gladiodor natural odor control
  • Made with recycled polyester (50% recycled content or more)
  • 100% recyclable*
  • Machine washable

We offer four Capilene fabrics:

  • Capilene 1 is the silkiest and can be worn alone or as a baselayer
  • Capilene 2 is a great weight for aerobic use in mild to cool conditions
  • Capilene 3 is a versatile, do it all baselayer for active use in cool to cold conditions
  • Capilene 4 is our warmest Capilene fabric. It features an inside-facing grid pattern that disperses moisture, aids in compressibility and retains warmth in cold conditions

Capilene baselayers are recycled and recyclable:

  • Made with more than 50% recycled polyester, derived in roughly equal measures from soda bottles and fabric scraps
  • 100% recyclable through our Common Threads Recycling Program
  • Since spring 2007, Capilene fabrics have included old Capilene garments (recycled into virgin-grade polyester) collected through our Common Threads Recycling Program

* Capilene baselayers can be recycled through our Common Threads Recycling Program. Learn how

Change your mind, recycle  your underwear.

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